Cameron Harn began his fitness journey over 15 years ago as a competitive track and field athlete. On his search for ways to get stronger and faster, it didn’t take long to recognize that spending time training in the gym was giving him a massive edge over the competition. He doubled down on his training and from that point on, was hooked.

After enrolling in every fitness and nutrition class he could find in college, his desire for knowledge grew stronger as he searched outside of school for more and more continued education courses on a wide variety of strength and wellness methodologies. Through years of research, self-testing, and refinement, Cameron had completely transformed his own body and had organically led way to his revolutionary method, combining a diverse collection of fitness principles.

His dynamic studies had birthed an approach that merges strength and conditioning, functional training, corrective exercises, mobility, and brain health. Combining many fields of training, his clients have been able to receive a rich fusion program that targets physique, strength, functionality, and cognition.

With over a decade of experience as a professional personal trainer, Cameron’s method has continually evolved, but his primary beliefs have remained the same; to give each client a completely customized experience based on their needs so that they never hit a plateau. 

His life is now completely devoted to helping as many people reach their optimal potential as possible. He has been able to transform countless clients' lives throughout the years with his in-gym training, and now is proud to be able to offer the same experience worldwide through custom online training programs. Using his innovative method, anybody - regardless of fitness level or background - is able to achieve the physical and mental results they desire.

Cameron currently resides in beautiful Southern California with his wife and two children.