Bulgarian Split Squats Are Your Best Friend

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

If you train your legs, you’ve probably heard of the Bulgarian Split Squat. If you haven’t, the BSS is a single leg exercise that is performed similarly to a lunge pattern, but instead of moving from one position to the next, you remain stationary with your rear foot elevated on top of a plyo-box or bench, and create the motion from flexion and extension of the lead leg. Perform about ten of these in a set and prepare for your legs to BURN SO GOOD! If this isn’t an exercise that you are doing regularly, I would strongly suggest that you give it a try and see how much better your lower body lifts get by adding them in!

As a fitness professional, husband, and a dad, I love using exercises that give me the greatest return on investment. I don’t have all the time in the world to train, and neither do my clients. As a result, I am constantly trying to see how I can manipulate traditional exercises so that we end up using more muscles than we normally would performing them the standard way.

A fun variation of the Bulgarian Split Squat that I often use is the Front Rack/Goblet Bulgarian Split Squat. This means that we are going to place the load up by our shoulders or near our chin instead of down by our side. The benefits of having the load in the front rack position are:

  • Increased work from the spinal erectors due to the mass being placed in front of the body.

  • Increased demand from the arms, as well as the core.

  • Extra cardiovascular boost due the the tension being created by the upper body to hold your weight in place.

You get so much more bang for your buck when you perform split squats this way compared to the traditional way. This in turn, will speed up your results and optimize the time that you spend in the gym.

If you already do split squats regularly but haven’t tried this variation out, then give it a go! If you haven’t even performed a split squat, start off with body weight and work your way up. This is a powerful exercise with tons of benefits behind it.

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