4 Week Kettlebell Program - Phase 2

4 Week Kettlebell Program - Phase 2

Take your kettlebell training to the next level!

This 4-Week Kettlebell Program is the continuation to my first 4 week Basic Kettlebell Training Program.


I've taken the fundamental movements from my first program and built upon them with new, advanced variations and progressions. You'll also be revving up the metabolic engine with kettlebell complexes this time around!


This program was designed to take you through the work utilizing the principle of specialized variety to hit your body with different types of stimulus and break through any plateus you've been stuck at. The training program also employs weekly, structured progressions in the workouts to increase your strength and power!


    I'm excited for you to try out this program and further your ability to live a stronger, healthier life through well-balanced kettlebell training!