Kettlebell Beast Mode

Kettlebell Beast Mode

Formerly named Kettlebell Strength Phase 2, this program is specifically designed for those who want to push themselves farther with their kettlebell training! 


Perfect for those who are already somewhat experienced with kettlebell training, Beast Mode is jam packed with tons of foundational to advanced exercises, complete with technique cues that will enhance all areas of your kettlebell training! 

Utilizing the best movements that the kettlebell has to offer, you can expect to work heavily on swings, get ups, carries, and some killer progressions of pulls, presses, and squats.

Over the course of the next four weeks, you will not only be enhancing your strength, but also dialing into the intricacies of kettlebell training and amplifying your overall performance with the bell.

I'm excited for you to continue your training and further your ability to live a stronger, healthier life through well-balanced kettlebell training!

Get after it!