On this episode of The Principles of Fitness Podcast we welcome one of the pioneers of the personal training industry, Neal Spruce. Neal has been dead set on his legacy of saving the world through fitness since his early twenties when bodybuilding kept him away from the dark side of being involved in motorcycle gangs.  His career began by spreading the Gold's Gym brand, then starting his first company Apex Nutrition, from there he made the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) what it is today, and now he is the founder and CEO of DotFit which just merged with Ptonthenet and Ptaglobal. 

 Neal packs this episode full of information ranging from: 

  • Diet myths.

  • The 5 Components of Fitness.

  • How he grew his empire.

  • Taking NASM from certifying a few trainers per month to 2,500 per month

  • How he views the next step.

  • Where the fitness industry is heading.

  • Legacy.

  • And finally his 5 rules to long term business success.

It's an incredible episode with a man who is truly saving the world through fitness. So please enjoy!

You can check out some of Neal's company's via the links below.