On today’s episode we have Nor-Cal Fitness Summit Founder Khaled Elmasri to the show. For years Khaled has been helping fitness professionals identify areas in their business that they may be struggling and map out a blueprint that is going take them to the next level. He has been able to do this as a manager for several health clubs and as the founder of the Nor-Cal Fitness summit. During our conversation we talk about:

  • Pitfalls that trainers face and how the Nor-cal fitness summit blueprints a strategy for business owners to apply immediately after the summit.

  • How understanding human psychology helped him to better empathize with clients.

  • Strategies that he’s learned from being in Todd Durkin’s mastermind group.
    How he keeps the information at the NCFS relevant to business owners year after year.

  • and lessons from his past that have helped shaped him to where he is today.

So please enjoy this episode with Khaled ELmasri!

Also, check Khaled out on Facebook Khaled Elmasri and Instagram @kfit21.  Make sure you check out the Nor-Cal Fitness Summit