On this episode of The Principles of Fitness Podcast we try to dispel many of the myths regarding nutrition with Nutrition Coach, Casey Arnold.  With so much information out there it can be pretty difficult to get the facts straight regarding what nutrition program might work best for you. We explored the broad spectrum of topics that pertain to nutrition in hopes of shedding some light this highly debated subject.  We talk about concepts such as: Ketogenic diets, vegan diets, vegetarian diets, the law of thermodynamics (calories in vs calories out), If It Fits Your Macros, the gut microbiome, and much much more.

 If you have anymore questions regarding nutrition or you would like us to discuss a specific area of nutrition please leave us a comment!

So please enjoy this episode with Casey Arnold! 

Casey's credentials in the field of nutrition range from:

1. Nutritional Coaching Institute.

2. Precision Nutrition.

3. Institute of Integrated Nutrition.

4. Primal Blueprint Expert. 

You can learn more about Casey's nutrition coaching at caseyarnoldnutrition.com

Or follow her on Instagram @carnoldnutrition

 Stress (16:37)

Calories in vs calories out (18:51)

Too much protein (21:20)

Percentages of macro nutrients (23:00)

Application for everyone (24:07)

Under eating (25:11)

Casey's intake process (26:10)

Behavior change (31:13)

Hot topics in diet (32:21)

Vegan/vegetarian (36:00)

Sugar and heart disease (40:40)

Maximum amount of sugar (41:25)

Genetics (42:23)

Auto Immune Disease (43:30)

Difficulty eating whole foods (47:06)

Food hacks (48:37)

The problems with plastic (49:44)

Microwaving plastic (51:28)

Solutions to the plastic problem (52:41)

Gut microbiome (54:34)

Hydration (58:20)

Microwaves (1:01:00)

Basic principles (1:03:32)

Casey's Legacy (1:04:14)