On this episode of The Principles of Fitness Podcast we welcome StrongFirst Chief Bodyweight Instructor and Iron Maiden, Karen Smith!  Karen is teaching people across the world how to harness and master the strength of their own bodies through the StrongFirst Bodyweight Certifications and workshops.  For most of us, it can be challenging to get to the gym or have equipment available to workout because of our busy schedules. But with the principles of bodyweight training that Karen teaches at these workshops, you'll be able to master strict push-ups, pull-ups, pistol squats, and leg raises. With the knowledge from these courses you'll be able to structure an effective workout that will allow to continue to see results no matter where you are. 

Karen is also empowering woman across the world to see what they can accomplish when they focus on strength. Once she was introduced to kettlebells, Karen saw a huge transformation in her body in a shorter amount of time compared to traditional cardio and light weight high rep workout routines. From that moment on she wanted to show women that there is so much more to training when they focus on strength. 

During this interview Karen and I go over: 

  • How training with kettlebells completely changed her perspective on training.

  • How focusing on visualization and mindset help her to accomplish the Iron Maiden Challenge.

  • The principles of bodyweight training.

  • The culture of StrongFirst

  • Her online training program and a new eBook that is to be released this week.

  • And more!

You can see Karen accomplish the Iron Maiden Challenge here.

Also check out Karen's website and eBook

And be sure to follow Karen on Instagram @_coach_karen_

So please enjoy this episode with Coach Karen Smith!