Acknowledging the hidden greats of the fitness industry. On this episode we acknowledge a good friend of mine Ryan Glatt. Ryan has a very extensive background in exercise science learning from some of the greatest minds in the health and fitness industry such as: Gary Gray of the Gray Institute, Thomas Myers of Anatomy Trains, Michol Dalcourt of the Institute of Motion, and many more.  

On this episode we discuss how Ryan's journey through the fitness industry began after witnessing a deep connection between a physical therapy aid and his mom when she was learning how to walk after getting her leg amputated due to kidney failure.  The desire to help others with an inability to move and guide them form A to B consumed him.  He turned his sights from studying exotic animals to becoming a physical therapist. That odyssey would send him around the world, put him in an immigration jail, and eventually align him with the right mentors to place him where he is today.  

Ryan is currently at Urban Golf Performance, located in Los Angeles, where he works in project management, human resources, education, and branding.  UGP has provided him with the team that is on the hunt for world domination.  We talk about their core values and what makes this team so different from many others that are trying to do the same.  

This episode is packed full of incredible stories and interesting topics related to the fields of business, brain science, and fitness. So please enjoy!