Rick is the owner of a company called Carbon Life, check them out at carbonlifeusa.com, where they aiming to lead the industry in their one-of-a-kind approach wellness and performance. He and his team pay specific attention to the individuals needs in order to provide a program that encompasses all areas of client's life.  Rick uses the knowledge and experience that he has accumulated over the last twenty year in the fitness industry to ensure that his clients get the results that they are expecting.  

On this episode we explore: 

  • Rick's experience being in charge of fitness for the Army's 75th regime.

  • How a traumatic accident inspired him to become an engineer of the body.

  • How taking a dogmatic approach to training can lead to failure for a client.

  • Going from training soldiers to training clients one-on-one as a Tier 1 trainer at equinox.

  • What he and his team are accomplishing at Carbon Life.