On this episode of The Principles of Fitness Podcast we welcome Seve Mangrum. Seve is a personal trainer based out of Marina Del Ray where he has chosen to break the box gym paradigm and train his clients outside.  He began his career in fitness working as a personal trainer for Equinox in Chicago. When the opportunity to move out to California presented itself Seve wasted no time, he packed his things and moved out west. 

During our conversation we discuss topics such as: 

  • His training principles and philosophies.

  • How authenticity has been a major contribution to his ability to retain clients.

  • Lessons that he's learned from being a professional Dancer.

  • And how certain herbal remedies have taught him how to embrace every moment that life presents him.

You can check Seve out on Instagram at evokihealth and on his website at evokihealth.com 

Please enjoy this episode of The Principles of Fitness with Seve Mangrum!