On this episode of The Principles of Fitness Podcast we welcome Fitness Recruiter, Jessie Stackhouse. Jessie first began her career in the fitness industry as a recruiter for Equinox and then was brought on to recruit for Crunch Fitness. With a desire to effect more lives Jessie decided to break off and start her own business, Just Fitness Recruiting. During our conversation we talk about: 

  • Key qualities that gyms are looking for when hiring trainers.

  • Where the best places are to look for a job as a fitness professional.

  • What her involvement in the LA Fit Expo is.

  • How to best present yourself when applying for a job at a gym.

  • And much more!

Jessie is an incredible individual with some powerful advice for anyone looking to break into the fitness industry.  You can connect with Jessie at, Just Fitness Staffing and on LinkedIn.  So please enjoy this episode with Jessie Stackhouse